Liverpool failed to sign Jouameni in the summer.

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Liverpool failed to sign Jouameni in the summer.

Tier 1 journalist Fabrizio Romano has revealed the reason. Why Premier League giants Liverpool missed out on signing Aurelien Jouameni last summer.

The Frenchman is considered Jurgen Klopp’s first choice in the summer transfer market. However, it turned out to be Real Madrid. Who manage to grab it for a fee of 100 million euros. wWith a six-year contract.

Romano has posted an interview with Jouameni about. Why he chose to play for Real Madrid and broke Liverpool demand for him last summer. that

“The first club that showed interest in me was Liverpool. There were talks, but then Real Madrid came and I was able to make a decision immediately.

“I didn’t hesitate for a second. I told my agent, take me to Madrid,” the 22-year-old confirmed.

Aurelien Thuameni is one of the most promising youngsters of this generation with a versatile central midfield role. He has the same attacking style as Paul Pogba and has the same defensive skills as N’Golo Kante.

Aurelien Jouameni was born in Rouen, but most of his life was spent growing up in the city of Rouen. Bordeaux city He started his career at local club SJ D’Artigues before being given the opportunity to be part of Bordeaux’s academy in 2011, where he spent around six years. Years to awaken and develop myself until I got a chance to play with the reserve team in 2017.