Belgium 1-0 Canada: Downgrade, Red Devils of Europe

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Belgium 1-0 Canada: Downgrade, Red Devils of Europe And a summary after the game World Cup 2022.

The Belgian national team open their first game of the 2022 World Cup. By beating Canada 1-0 to go up to the top of Group F.

The Maples had a golden opportunity to score a goal. The Red Devils of Europe went first from the penalty spot in the 11th minute. But Alfonso Davies, the star of the team. Beat to save Thibaut Courtois, the sticky goalkeeper from Belgium.

However, Roberto Martinez’s side took the lead in the 44th minute. Through Michy Batshuayi and it was the winning goal that helped them collect three important points.

Key man – Thibaut Courtois

The spotlight may be on Manchester City’s creative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. He has voted ”man of the match”.

But for this game, credit must be given to Thibaut Courtois because he was the one. Who save the Alfonso Davies penalty, helping the team not fall behind first.

Issues after the game – Canada did well, but why did they lose?

Of course, if anyone has not watch. This game, they might think that Belgium would be the one to attack. and grab three points without difficulty But in the details of the game is completely different.

The Maples team started off brightly. They play with confidence, determination and fearlessness.

They put Belgium in a difficult situation – pressing upstairs. man-marking articulation or face to face and trying to control the central area European Red Devils Can’t set a game that you are good at and can only shoot the ball back and forth Can’t put the ball into the middle and sometimes have to rely on placing long balls from back to front if there is space

Canada midfielder Atiba Hutchinson keeps one-on-one man-marking for Kevin De Bruyne, the sort of ‘don’t let De Bruyne come into dangerous areas’.

Only when Hutchinson opens space for De Bruyne will Belgium have a chance to attack in the final third.

The winning goal scored by Roberto Martinez’s team was a really good seizure when Toby Alderweireld Seeing an empty space in the front, he immediately decided to put a long ball from the back for Michy Batshuayi before the 29-year-old center hit a single boom.

This is the season and decisiveness that the big teams have, but Canada doesn’t – they lack decisiveness. Lack of quality in the last area They had a total of 22 shots in this game, but only three on target (14 on target in the first half, 2 on target).

when you indecisive and give opportunities to competitors you will punish