How to talk to someone close to you with depression?

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Depression is a psychiatric disorder that requires continuous treatment. Which is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain or as a result of cumulative stress in everyday life. Serious events that traumatize the mind.

Guidelines for proper communication with people with depression are as follows:

1. Listen and be there.

Some patients may be unsure of how to start the story. We should act as good listeners by Wait for the patient to be ready to share their feelings without pressure or encouraging them to speak up if they are not ready. You may start by expressing concern about the symptoms and letting the patient know that there are people who are ready to be there for you, such as, “Did you have any discomfort or discomfort lately? If you feel comfortable, you can tell me about it.” UFABET

When the patient has told We should listen attentively. And should not interrupt or rush to give advice until the patient has finished speaking. Because it will not know the real feelings or problems that the patient is facing. and may give advice that hurts the patient’s feelings more 

2. Not judging or inferior to feelings

Many people may use words that make patients feel that they are not paying attention to listening or Use your own thoughts to judge the patient’s feelings unconsciously, for example, “Don’t think too much  , you’ll get better soon. You can stop being sad now.” “Everyone has had a hard time. Such a small matter, why can’t I endure it?” Aren’t you bored?” “Keep an optimistic view. There are many people who are worse than you” or even words of encouragement that many people say in their mouths like “Fighting”

These words will make the patient feel that his feelings are not important to others. Which even the people around them are not interested and do not help. Examples of sentences that should be said are “I’ll be by your side, you’re not alone,” “You’re very important to me,” and “I may not fully understand your feelings. But I want to help you Is there anything you want to tell me?”