Amazing benefits of retinol.

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Using retinol has many skin benefits. by helping to slow down the aging of skin cells Stimulates the creation of new skin cells, reduces clogging, thus making the skin look younger, clearer and smoother. Regular use of retinol can provide skin benefits in the following ways:

Help slow down aging and make your skin youthful. 

Retinol helps in the process of shedding old skin cells and creating new skin cells to replace them. Helps the skin retain water better. as well as helping in the synthesis of collagen and elastin which is a protein found in the skin Helps the skin to be flexible, firm, not sagging. Using retinol can help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

is an antioxidant

Retinol has antioxidant properties that protect skin cells from free radical damage  . Free radicals may occur within the body, for example from metabolic processes. And received from external factors such as UV rays  (UV) in the sun, dust, smoke and pollution, which are factors that make the skin dull  , wrinkled and prematurely aging UFABET

Tighten pores and reduce acne.

Retinol unclogs pores and makes them look smaller. by balancing the function of the sebaceous glands in the skin Helps shed dead skin cells, fat and dirt from the pores, thereby reducing the occurrence of acne. As well as reducing swelling and inflammation of acne and helping to prevent acne in the future.